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OSS-100-200 (ZYB)

Intelligent Universal Flushing Technology; built-in Imported ultra-pure Activated Carbon, KDF filter material; intelligent microcomputer control, automatic operation, no manual operation; Control System Simple;
Market Price:4698.00$

Product parameters:
MANSUL Model: OSS-100-200 (ZYB)
Size: 37 × 32 ×113cm
Suitable for water pressure: 0.2MPa-1.0MPa
Water temperature: 1 ° C-42 ° C
Net water :2.0-3.0T/h


    The German MANSUL company is a professional manufacturer of precision 
water purification equipment. Its products are sold well in more than 180 countries and regions in 
Europe and the United States Its core water purification technology from the German MANSUL company's
ultra-precision Environmental Composite Technology and ultra-precision natural ceramic filtration 
technology, in the 18th to 19th century to stop the spread of cholera in Europe. Mansuler is the 
world AAAAA grade water purification equipment zhenya brand, is the German national government 
departments designated drinking equipment.

Product Features:
    1.  Intelligent universal flushing technology.
    2 .Intelligent microcomputer control, automatic operation, no manual operation.
    3.Made of High Strength Food Grade Engineering Plastics, durable.
    4. Power Failure 48-hour memory protection function to avoid data loss.
    5. Positive and negative two-way automatic flushing design, so that more thorough sewage 


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