Harmful bacteria, viruses, removal rate of 99.99%. Improve water activity, increasing the negative potential and the PH value of water quality, water quality closer to the natural mineral water Ch
Market Price:350.00$

Product parameters:
MANSUL Model: OSS-100
Size: 13 × 35 cm
Suitable for water pressure: 0.1MPa-0.4MPa
Temperature: 1 ° C-42 ° C
Net water :150-500L / h (with water pressure value related)

(1) ultra-precision complex by the German mansul pure water technology and the Royal Dan Erdun (Doulton) Shi Tao Mithril precision technology, is so far the only Nobel Prize for contributions to water purification technology. Hundred years the world renowned products.
(2) ultra-pure carbon pigment, strong adsorption function effectively filter the water chloride, pesticides, organic matter, odor, different color and other harmful substances, the effect is 10 times that of ordinary carbon.
(3) KDF filter, is a high-purity copper-zinc alloy, can create ionized water to remove heavy metals and radical ion, activated water, soft water (20%), life expectancy of 8 years.

(4) full closed, to prevent secondary pollution. Do not need electricity, more environmentally friendly and safe.
(5) Seiko manufacture, is small and is more conducive to a more attractive installation and maintenance.
(6) PE material shell

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